ospf virtual link

How to configure ospf virtual link on cisco

OSPF means open shortest path fast. OSPF all area must be connected with backbone area 0. some scenario not possible to connected with backbone area 0. in this case we need to configure ospf virtual link for connect backbone 0. now we share how to configure ospf virtual link. R1#conf t R1(config)#int e0/1 R1(config-if)#no sh R1(config-if)#ip address R1(config-if)#int e0/0 R1(config-if)#ip address R1(config-if)#no sh R1(config)#router ospf 1 R1(config-router)#network area 0… Read More

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How to configure GRE tunnel on cisco router

GRE means generic routing encapsulation. GRE is a tunneling technique where we put ‘packets into packets’ over certain networks.GRE protocol initially developed by cisco but later become industry standard. GRE tunnel create a logical interface called tunnel interface. this “tunnel interface” can be created by using normal interface configuration commands. now we share how to configure GRE on Cisco Router. IOU2#conf t IOU2(config-if)#hostname Brance1 Brance1(config)#int e0/0 Brance1(config-if)#no sh Brance1(config-if)#ip address Brance1(config)#int e0/1 Brance1(config-if)#no… Read More

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OSPF Virtual link

How to configure Mikrotik OSPF Virtual link

OSPF Virtual link configuration on mikrotik. this is golden rules of OSPF that all area must be connected with backbone area 0. R1 Router Configure [atik@R1] > ip address add address= interface=loopback0 [atik@R1] > ip address add address= interface=ether1 [atik@R1] > ip address add address= interface=ether2 [atik@R1] > routing ospf instance set router-id= name=default disabled=no numbers=0 [atik@R1] > routing ospf area set backbone disabled=no area-id= [atik@R1] > routing ospf network add network= area=backbone [atik@R1] >… Read More

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How to block unwanted telnet service on juniper

Telnet was originally developed by Simon Tatham. it is very impotent for the network engineer for access router or switches remotely. sometime telnet is painful for network engineer due to unwanted hit on their device. in this article, we share how to allow specific IP for access telnet and SSH and  block others IP on juniper device. set firewall family inet filter local_acl term terminal_access from source-address set firewall family inet filter local_acl term… Read More

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static route

How to add static route on RHEL,CENTOS

Static Routing is a type of routing technique to reach particular destination address. There are many ways of routed protocols. now we share how to add a static route on Linux Display Route information using the following command netstat -rn Now we add static route using the following command ip route add gw Alternative way to add static route ip route add via dev eth0   Note: if server rebooted then… Read More

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How to Block Website on Mikrotik

Mikrotik Firewall is a powerful tolls for block website. there is many way to block website in Mikrotik.This has the advantage of also blocking other traffic such as ftp or torrent downloads as well. if you are network engineer you want to block website or specific service then you need to create filter rule and drop this website or service. now we share how to block website on Mikrotik Router. ip firewall layer7-protocol add name=Facebook… Read More

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Telnet client

How to Install Telnet Client on RHEL,CENTOS

Telnet client was originally developed by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. it is also available for Linux system. by default, telnet service is not installed in the system. in this tutorial, we share how to install Telnet client in Linux machine. First, we check Telnet service is installed or not. telnet localhost 25 if Telnet client does not installed below message will come. # telnet localhost 25 -bash: telnet: command not found Verify Telnet service using Below Command… Read More

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Configure basic BGP

How to configure BGP on juniper Router

BGP means Border gateway protocol. it is  exterior gateway protocol(EGP) that is exchange routing information to another AS number. in this tutorial we share how to configure basic BGP on juniper router. set interfaces em0 unit 0 description Contected-R2 set interfaces em0 unit 0 family inet address set routing-options autonomous-system 100 set protocols bgp group external-peers type external set protocols bgp group external-peers peer-as 200 set protocols bgp group external-peers neighbor set interfaces… Read More

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