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How To Configure Vlan in Cisco Switch

 Vlan means virtual local area network. its use logically separate workstation. in this topology we use two vlan for sales and we configure vlan for sales and MKT in this topology Step 1 Create Vlan in Cisco Switch IOU1(config)#vlan 50 IOU1(config-vlan)#name sales IOU1(config)#vlan 60 IOU1(config-vlan)#name MKT Verify Vlan IOU1#show vlan brief VLAN Name Status Ports —- ——————————– ——— ——————————- 1 default active Et0/0, Et0/1, Et0/2, Et0/3 Et1/0, Et1/1, Et1/2, Et1/3 Et2/0, Et2/1, Et2/2, Et2/3 Et3/0,… Read More

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How to Configure Mikrotik Bonding With Cisco Switch

Bonding is a technique that allows aggregation of multiple Ethernet links into a single virtual link, that provides higher data rates and providing failover. For  Configure Minimum License require level1 and need minimum 2 NIC card. To add Bonding interface in R1 and R2 /interface bonding add name=bwbond slaves=ether1,ether2 / ip address add address= interface=bwbond bonding interface needs a couple of seconds to get connectivity with its peer On Cisco Switch in L3 Mode interface… Read More

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