PPPoE Dialer Setup on CentOS


PPPOE Dialer Setup on centos

PPPOE(Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) is a network protocol for encapsulation ppp frame.session is initiated by using connection software on the client machine or router. When a PPPoE session is initiated, destination IP address is only used when the session is active. The IP address is released after the session is closed. in this tutorial we share how to setup PPPOE Dialer on Centos.

Step 1

First Check Package are install or not using below command

rpm -qa rp-pppoe

by default Package are not Installed.

Step 2

Install PPPOE Package

yum install rp-pppoe -y

Login as a Root and type PPPOE-Setup

then Put username (that is provide by ISP) and Press Enter

then Choose the interface and Press Enter.

then Give the DNS Server  address and Press Enter.

then Type your password carefully and press Enter and  Retype your password.



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