How to use Telnet for check Remote Port Status from windows


Telnet is a network protocol that allow to access remote Computer or Server . Telnet is useful Network tools for check specific port status. in this tutorial we share how to use Telnet for check port status from Windows command Line.

Step 1

First go to Control Panal>Program and Feather> Trun Windows Feather Turn on or off.

then Select Telnet Client and Apply OK. its take some time to Enable Telnet client.

Step 2

Go to CMD and click Right Button and Run it Run as administrator.

then type telnet and remote IP and Port Number. which port you want to check.

if port open output should like

if port is block then output should like:

C:\Windows\system32>telnet 53
Connecting To…Could not open connection to the host, on port
53: Connect failed



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