Mikrotik Router Auto Backup to Email


Mikrotik Router is popularly used in ISP Network and also used Corporate Network for manage their Network Like: Bandwidth Shaping,Filtering etc. so network engineer need to maintain its properly. every network engineer need to backup their existing configure file. Every network engineer do this task manually. Mikrotik Router has  a fetcher that Router keep Automatic Configuration backup and its provide to Email.

in this tutorial we share how to configure Auto Configuration Backup to EMAIL.


Need to Email Configure.

First Login Mikrotik Router Via Winbox then go to Tools>Email provide sender email address, SMTP server Address,Port Number and Mikrotik user name and Password.

Step 2

Create a Scheduler for auto configuration Backup and send to Email.

/system backup save name=emailback
/tool e-mail send file=emailback.backup to=”robbart@gmail.com” body=”Backup of Mikrotik-Backup” subject=”$[/system identity get name] $[/system clock get time] $[/system clock get date] Backup”



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