VRRP with VLAN Taging

Cisco Routing Network Administrator

We have Configure VRRP with VLAN in Router 1 and Router 2 Router1 Configuration  interface fastethernet0/0.1                      <- Create The Sub-Interface    encapsulation dot1q 1                          <- IEEE 802.1Q defines dot1q and VLAN number 1    ip address           <- Make sure the IP is on the same subnet… Read More

How to Configure FTP server on Centos

Linux System Administrator

CentOS FTP server Configuration Step 1 Install Vsftpd [root@www ~]# yum -y install vsftpd [root@www ~]# vim /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf # line 12: no anonymous anonymous_enable= NO # line 80,81: uncomment (permit ascii mode transfer) ascii_upload_enable=YES ascii_download_enable=YES # line 96: uncomment ( enable chroot list ) chroot_list_enable=YES # line 98: uncomment ( enable chroot list file ) chroot_list_file=/etc/vsftpd/chroot_list # line 104: uncomment ls_recurse_enable=YES # add at the bottom # enable chroot chroot_local_user=YES # specify root directory (… Read More

How to Configure PPPOE Server on Mikrotik

Mikrotik Advanced Network Administrator

  Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPOE). PPPoE protocol was published by the IETF in 1999. PPPOE use standard method encryption, authentication, and compression specified by PPP. in this tutorial we share how to configure PPPOE Server on Mikrotik Task 1 IP Pool Configure Task 2 PPPOE Server Configure Task 3 PPPOE Profile Configure Task  4 PPPOE User Create Task 4 IP blocks for different bandwidth packages Task 1 Configure [admin@XYZ] /ip pool> add name=512KB ranges=… Read More

How to supper Fast Your Computer


if you want to supper fast your computer only 7 step please follow below procedure 1. clean your disk using disk cleanup command 2. Disable unwanted program from Task Manager 3.Use  De-fragment for optimize your Disk 4. allow High Performance from power option 5.Change Mouse hover and time from rigedit and Fixed Value data 10. type regedit from run then press enter 6.From Run Remove recent,%temp%,Prefetch file 7.From System Configuration and go to boot opton… Read More

How to Configure Mikrotik hotspot default queue

Mikrotik Advanced Network Administrator

  When you configure a hotspot with Mikrotik, routerOS always creates a default queue called hs-<hotspot1> allowing unlimited speed both directions. You can delete the queue, but it will come up again after restart. The problem is that this queue will override simple queue which are below it and speed limitation of hotspot users will not work properly. This can be easily avoided by the script : :foreach i in=[/queue simple find name=”hs-<server1>”] do {/queue… Read More

Address Resolution Protocol(ARP)

Network Administrator others

ARP Means Address Resolution Protocol. its used for Decision of internet Layer Address into data link layer. ARP basically used mapping a network address into Physical Address(MAC Address). ARP has been implemented with mixed network layer and data link layer. Type of ARP ARP The ARP Message (“who is X.X.X.X tell Y.Y.Y.Y”, where X.X.X.X and Y.Y.Y.Y are  IP Address’) is send using Ethernet Broadcast, and an Ethernet protocol type of value 0x806. Since it is broadcast, it… Read More

How To Install and Configure Nagios in CentOS

Linux System Administrator

Nagios is a monitoring solution for complex IT infrastructures, Nagios is easy to implement and can be extended by custom-modules, called plugins. In this howto I explain howto install Nagios on a CentOS host and make the configuration for it. Install Nagios in order to watch server’s status. httpd is also needed. [1] Install Nagios [root@ns ~]# yum install nagios nagios-plugins [root@ns ~]# vi /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg # line 52: uncomment cfg_dir=/etc/nagios/servers [root@ns ~]# vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/nagios.conf # line… Read More

How to Configure OsTicket In Ubuntu

Linux System Administrator

Osticket is Open Source Supporting System. its Free,reliable and easy to setup. in this tutorial we share how to install Osticket Step 1 Need to update and upgrade all package apt–get update apt–get upgrade Step 2 Install LAMP server with PHP extension apt–get –y install apache2 mysql–server mysql–client php5 php5–mysql php5–imap php5–gd php5enmod imap Start Apache and Mysql /etc/init.d/apache2 start /etc/init.d/mysql start Step 3 Configure Mysql Server mysql_secure_installation Need to login Mysql mysql -u root… Read More


How to Configure Mikrotik Bonding With Cisco Switch

Cisco Switching Mikrotik Advanced

Bonding is a technique that allows aggregation of multiple Ethernet links into a single virtual link, that provides higher data rates and providing failover. For  Configure Minimum License require level1 and need minimum 2 NIC card. To add Bonding interface in R1 and R2 /interface bonding add name=bwbond slaves=ether1,ether2 / ip address add address= interface=bwbond bonding interface needs a couple of seconds to get connectivity with its peer On Cisco Switch in L3 Mode interface… Read More